ReadMe for FALCON WDM (32 bit)


Latest revision   

Date File version
08/15/11 Windows 2000/XP FalconWDM.sys 08/15/2011, v2.0.2.0
Windows Vista/7 FalconWDM_64.sys 08/15/2011, v2.0.2.0
bug fix for capturing in YUY2 mode
04/11/11 Windows 2000/XP FalconWDM.sys 04/11/2011, v2.0.1.0
Windows Vista/7 FalconWDM_64.sys 04/11/2011, v2.0.1.0
Manipulating digitalization start through registry values "DigtzOffsetX" and "DigtzOffsetY" to be able to remove black areas on the edges. They are in the same registry key like "Brightness" or "ColorEnable".
Filter names are adjusted to the board they belong to. For example a FALCON PLUS is now exposed by the filters "FALCON PLUS Capture" and "FALCON PLUS Crossbar".
02/19/10 Driver modified to run with Windows 64-bit systems.
11/19/08 v1.0.0.9: Changes only for the EAGLE framegrabber:
The 4 SVHS video inputs can be used when the video sources 4 - 7 are selected in the crossbar. The video sources 0 - 3 are the corresponding composite video inputs.
09/27/07 v1.0.0.8: bug fix for driver startup when using multiple FALCON devices (e.g. FALCONquattro).
08/28/07 v1.0.0.7: SVHS video input of standard FALCON board can be used as a standard composite video input when selecting video source 3 in crossbar.
07/02/07 v1.0.0.6: No changes in the driver, additional includes in the inf-file.
01/26/07 Windows 2000/XP/Vista 32-Bit FalconWDM.sys 245 KB 01/26/2007
v1.0.0.5: No changes in the driver, inf-file supports Windows Vista
12/22/04 Windows 2000/XP FalconWDM.sys 245KB 12/22/2004 14:48 V1.0.0.5
Y8 color mode on the Capture Pin → In order to use this color mode, you have to choose the RGB 8 color format.
06/16/04 Windows 2000/XP FalconWDM.sys 237KB 06/16/2004 15:12 V1.0.0.4
Code cleanup and fixed problems with FALCON QUATTRO/DUO Rev.2
01/13/04 Windows 2000/XP FalconWDM.sys 290KB 01/13/2004 11:50 V1.0.0.3
4 Composite video inputs, EEPROM and Digital IO Property set support for the EAGLE board.
Corrected FALCONquattro crossbar settings during initialization.
01/08/04 Windows 2000/XP FalconWDM.sys 290KB 01/08/2004 18:13 V1.0.0.2
EEPROM Property set: supported by all boards
Digital IO Property set: FALCON series

Known problems   

Supported boards   

Supported Unsupported
FALCON express
FALCON plus express
FALCON quattro
FALCON quattro express
EAGLE quattro


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