Pilote informatique certifié WHQL

Doing so, the WHQL makes sure that the certified drivers comply with the demands of the Windows-Logo program and with Windows Operating Systems.

For getting such a WHQL certificate, the manufacturer of the device driver has to test the driver according to given criteria. After that a test protocol has to be send to Microsoft in order to let the driver be signified. Microsoft will possibly do further tests. When all tests have been passed, the device driver will get a so called WHQL-certificate. Besides the Windows-Logo, this certificate also includes a digital signature for the device driver.

After a driver has been certified, it is not allowed to make any changes to the driver. If the driver should be altered, the certification will expire.

Benefit of a WHQL certificated device driver

When installing a non-certified driver on a Windows OS, a warning message will appear (see figure 1). This warning message warns the user of possible risks and problems. Often, this warning unsettles customers.

With a WHQL-certified driver, this message will not appear, because Microsoft has already been testing this driver and verifies that there are no risks to the system when installing it.

The WHQL certification should provide customers the security that the driver has been tested thoroughly with Microsoft-Standards. Moreover, with Windows 7 – 64bit Systems only certified systems are being accepted.

uEye driver and WHQL

WHQL certified uEye drivers have got this digital signature which ensures that the uEye drivers have passed the WHQL tests successfully and got this certificate from Microsoft.

Not all uEye drivers have or will get a WHQL certification. Nevertheless it is possible to install a uEye driver without WHQL certification on a Windows system. In this case a warning message will appear when trying to run the uEye the first time. The installation can be continued by clicking the corresponding button (see figure 1).

The uEye .sys and uEye .dll files are both part of the WHQL certification. It is not allowed any more to swap them, the WHQL certification would expire for this installation.

WHQL certified uEye drivers

The first WHQL certified uEye driver is driver version 3.70.
Not each uEye driver which is being released will get a WHQL certification. This is also due to the fact that each driver signification costs a fee. IDS decided to not to let each driver version be certificated, but all driver versions which include huge steps in driver development.

Here is a list of WHQL certified driver:

  • uEye driver 3.70
  • uEye driver 3.82
  • uEye driver 4.20
  • uEye driver 4.30
  • uEye driver 4.40
  • uEye driver 4.50
  • uEye driver 4.60
  • uEye driver 4.70
  • uEye driver 4.71
  • uEye driver 4.72
  • uEye driver 4.80
  • …to be continued